New Urbanism

This is a good short video worth a watch. 


Welcome to Sustainable Development and Regional Economics

Welcome to our blog.

It’s great to be starting a new quarter with you all.  In this class there will be a strong focus on reading broadly, developing opininons and expressing them in a compelling way. This blog will be a focal point, allowing you to post reflections on your readings.

Over the course of the quarter you will be expected to post a minimum of six times, in six different weeks. You should post on the theme of that week’s readings, though you need not limit yourself to the content of those readings. In the weeks that you post, you will need to print out your post and bring it to class. Please pin it up on the wall when you arrive. At the break, you can review your colleagues’ posts and we will dicuss the ideas in them during the 2nd half of the evening.

You should feel free to comment (electronically and in class) on your colleagues’ posts that pique your interest, or with which you agree or disagree. In the spirit of academic collegiality, please focus comments on the content rather than the author. In the spirit of self-improvement (or self-preservation) you may want to have another set of eyes edit your post before you put it out there. Editing can make a big difference in how clearly your ideas are expressed.

I look forward to reading your work, engaging with you, and to all of us learning more about how the world works and how to shape it.