Many people refuse to accept the idea of living in compact development areas. I think developers may want to analyze this people’s behavior and adequately respond to residents’ needs when they develop such areas.

There are apartment complexes, and apartment buildings that offer some services like gym, club house, pool, etc. but most of them are in a poor condition and are rarely used from residents.

I am thinking about communities that have most of the facilities people need in their everyday life. Some of the facilities I can think about are green area, fitness club, playground, daycare, club house, ATM, PO Box, coffee shop, hair salon, organized activities for kids, dental office, doctor’s office, small deli and fresh produce so that people do not have to go far away if they forgot to buy bread. It is something like a small city in the city. I can imagine how much less people would drive if they could do everything at the same place.

If there is a bus station for each of this communities and frequent bus, or rail service that connects the community with the central Business district and with other employment areas, I think that may be an attractive place to live in.



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