In the name of sustainability

A city’s “identity” is rooted less in the historical culture and more in the locational attributes associated with its geography, topography and climate. This identity also evolves over time through cross migration of people, things and cultures. Incremental design is critical in harnessing and maintaining an evolving local identity because the strategy simply allows for conditional design over time, which creates a dynamic urban fabric that is unique to its region.

Urban Think Tank projects like the Bello Campo Vertical Gym and Modular Stairs in Caracas is an example of incremental designs that respond directly to the livability of the informal settlements. This is a stark contrast to the “DIY Cabin” which merely explores an architectural typology and fails to investigate the true notion of sustainability.  The small footprint of the cabin promotes humility of a modern man but it even fails at that by marketing the cabins as an ideal “second home.” The pre-fabricated building that “fits in all environment type” goes against the very notion of design that responds to the local and conditional setting.


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