I love that Obama asked the question about keeping jobs in the US. And I appreciate that Jobs answered him honestly.

This issue is getting more complex all the time, and it is not going away. Companies continue to move operations around the globe in search of the next cheapest labor pool. One economy gets too strong, and the corporation moves again.

Meanwhile, the wealthier countries try to monopolize the education-intensive professions, to the detriment of the developing world, as a way of keeping their own economies going.

I am always intrigued to see what it takes to keep low-skill work from going overseas. Subsidies, usually. In particular I remember coming across a small town in oil-rich Norway that paid subsidies to keep a pillow factory in a small northern Norwegian town. But this is rarely part of the discussion. What are the costs (relatively simple to calculate) to keep labor jobs in a wealthy country…and what is the payback (much more difficult to narrow down) and is it worth it? Is it worth it in economic and quality of life costs to pay more (and how much more?) to keep jobs from travelling outside borders?

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From Vancouver, now in Seattle. Exploring the ability of architecture and design to solve complex urban issues. Graduating Spring 2013 with Master of Architecture and Master of Science in Real Estate.

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