Green buildings and landscape – a key for dense communities

I believe that once residential buildings are attractive and convenient places to live, many people would switch from living in a house to living in them. What do I mean by attractive? For sure nice architecture, lots of green, and facilities that not everyone can afford to have in their house, like swimming pools, social areas, etc. – anything that would attract people. Think about the following – wouldn’t you rather live in a big hotel than living in a house?

How about living in a building that has atriums with plenty of green areas and a nice atmosphere?

Why don’t we use balconies for apartments? Those are spaces that can be converted into small gardens that are easy to maintain comparing to a yard and in many cases provide a nice view.

Another reason people like to live in houses is privacy. Architecture should be able to answer this question by using architectural plans that provide a certain level of privacy.

Having relative privacy in your unit or part of the building, having a bigger common area (atrium, swimming pool, etc.) for socializing, and affordable amenities would make such buildings a very attractive place for anyone, especially for young families and single people.

I see this as a new type of eco-living and I believe that government agencies should work with developers to realize such ideas. Or maybe there is a developer that would consider implementing such an oasis? For now we only see green building concepts. Built buildings may exist somewhere but not here. When are they going to be implemented?


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