Is this scary enough?

Cities where pedestrians happily walk to their destinations instead of driving everywhere are our dream, but what if walking means taking your life into your hands? This is a look at handful of cities around the world, and how often their pedestrians are killed while attempting to traverse them.

An interesting infographics titled Dead Man Walking published by GOOD Magazine shows the fatality rate of pedestrians in some of the cities around the world. It is not surprising that the rates in U.S. Cities are higher relative to Europe or Asia seeing our dependence on cars. The general trend (more cars = more fatality) can be extrapolated further by looking at it side by side with the “Major U.S. City Commute Patterns 2008” graph in The Carbon Efficient City.

However, what I liked about the GOOD infographics is the communication method they used. There is a compelling message about driving cars and they used visual communication as well as factual data to capture my attention.   We are creatures of habit and whether it is pushing for more people to commute via public transportation or to eat more vegetables, it takes a tremendous effort to move a general mass to change. The raw data serves as the basis and we must look to them to come up with innovative solutions but it may be the visual content that communicates the “what the solution can do” and convince the public to act.


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