Conscious Effort by the City of Seattle

The Growth Management Act of 1990 was a statewide regulation passed in Washington in response to concentrated population growth in existing urban and suburban areas.  Seattle came up with the comprehensive plan to drive growth to areas where facilities and infrastructure already existed.  Seattle came up with the Urban Village Concept as a way to promote urban centers, manufacturing/industries, urban villages hubs, and residential areas. The land use codes outline policies from the comprehensive plan. What does this mean for the citizens of Seattle? As predicted in the early 1990s, the Seattle population continues to grow. As a result, we can expect to see more mixed-use construction projects in the coming years. Creating a vibrant shopping center in dense populated neighborhoods has added richness to Seattle neighborhoods.  University Village and the Northgate area offer great examples of the diverse mix of uses. Mixed use neighborhoods speak to Seattle’ desire to be a green walkable city where people can meet their needs within the local context.



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