My Bike Is In A Sticky Spot

While driving back from class last night, I noticed  a great setup for bikes in the lobby of a new housing development on Capitol Hill.  Took a picture to share:


It is worth noting I was DRIVING by The Jefferson, on 12th and Jefferson on Capitol Hill.  Not biking by The Jefferson.  My bike is all setup with lights, reflective gear and the ever critical fenders. I could have biked to class, but my bike is in the garage and, somehow, that extra few feet and pushing the button to raise the door made it just TOO difficult to deal with. So I drove instead.

But what if we lived in Capitol Hill Housing’s new development, The Jefferson? In The Jefferson’s front lobby they put in extra space for bikes and gave them nice wall hooks.  They look like art hanging on the wall. With all that space inside, residents can smugly get dressed in the warm lobby and shoot out the door onto bike lanes heading in all four directions.

Thought this was a GREAT example of good design lowering the frictional transaction cost of getting on your bike. Not sure how you could make it any easier to choose to ride your bike to work or school?  It is embarrassing to think how just a few extra steps may keep you from making better choices, but they do.  I’m not sure the answer, but I’m going to think about how to make it easier to decide to bike to class.  Right now my bike is a little “stuck” in the garage…

Jeff B.


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