What About The Less Creative Class?

Richard Florida is concerned that cities who attract the “creative class”  may see issues with economic inequality.  The  author of the The Rise of the Creative Class was interviewed February 6th, 2013 on NPR. Here’s the link to the story and audio:

Cities Must Strategize To Boost Service Workers’ Pay

He still believes that cities able to attract the creative class do better overall.  In Seattle, we know we have a great workforce for our small and large tech businesses. The large Seattle “creative class” is pushing our economy forward. Developers like Paul Allen’s Vulcan are looking for ways to house, feed, entertain and otherwise lock in the creative class to living 24/7 in South Lake Union.  Most real estate professional will agree, as long as we keep bio-tech and Amazon in South Lake Union,  we have a great economic energy pushing us through 2013 an beyond.

Now the author brings in another layer for Seattleites to consider.  His challenges cities like Seattle to find ways to increase  incomes of those in the lower paying service and industry jobs. He is concerned about how cities with vibrant creative class economies are seeing  widening wage inequality. He argues the trickle down theory to is not really working.

Yes attracting the creative class is working in Seattle, but what about the less creative class?

Jeff B


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