New attempt to solve the shortage of bicycle parking lot

Recently, number of commuter by bike and walk has been increasing in response to the heightened awareness of healthy living, as well as the trend of living proximity to working place. These bike commuters create new problem in the prime office area. Increasing bike commuters cause the problem of shortage of bike parking lots. These bicycles are parked on the street and preventing the pedestrian walking and impair the city landscape.
This time, I’d like to think about this problem and introduce one idea which are converted car parking lot into bicycle parking space. Marunouchi area, where is one of the most prestigious office areas in Tokyo, has been suffering from increasing of bicycle parked on the public road. Land price of Marunouchi area is extremely high, and it’s in quite convenient location to commute by train or subway. For these reasons, bicycle commuters are not expected from the design stage, and the bicycle storage is not sufficient secured. However, due to increase of bicycle commuters, the problem of lacking bicycle parking is getting more serious in recent years.
Under these circumstances, conversion from unoccupied parking lot into bicycle parking has been attracting attention. Comparing the lack of bicycle parking space in office area, car parking lot is under oversupply due to decreasing of the number of company cars. Recently, Japanese companies have been intent on cutting cost and have decreased the number of company cars. In other words, this is an attempt to compensate decreasing parking demand by increasing bicycle demand. Actually, one parking company in Marunouchi converted their some parking spaces into bicycle spaces, and succeeded in attracting many bike commuters despite the high monthly charge, US$180. Given that the monthly car parking charge in Marunouchi area is around $700, conversion of car parking space into bicycle parking seems to make business sense. However, in fact these diversions are not carried out a lot, because building regulation prescribes parking ratio and restrict to convert from parking lot into bicycle parking space. Regarding this issue, I think the government should be flexible, because usually the conversion from parking lot into bicycle space require little change the building structure.
In fact, Kyoto-city also had a similar problem, lack of bicycle parking. Bicycles parked on the road deteriorated city landscape. Kyoto-city seriously accepted this lack of bicycle parking problem since many tourists visit Kyoto and keeping beautiful landscape is essential for them. In conclusion, Kyoto-city founded the grant to convert car parking lot into bicycle parking space, and prompt conversion. Now, the number of bicycle parked on the road drastically reduced to one-third.
I think it is urgent task for both private developer and the government to increase bicycle parking spaces in office area in order to cope with increasing number of bike commuters.
Below pictures show converted parking space and road parked bicycles in Marunouchi .

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