The Positives of Pub Parking

While reading “Law and Order and Parking Lots,” I realized how the author concentrated fully on the negatives of having required parking.  I realize that he is completely fine with pubs having parking, but is against pubs being required to provide this service, but I believe this mandated rule of 1 spot per 250 SF in Seattle turns out to be a rather good idea.


I may be in the minority, but I believe that people who are OK with drunk driving will end up doing exactly that.  Will it matter that instead of having their car parked out front of the bar they instead have to walk around the corner to their car parked on the street?  Probably not.  A drunk driver has probably done this before and a minor hoop to jump through may not stop them.  

I realize that if removing the spots saves even one life, it would be worth it.  So let’s look at some of the positives of having mandatory parking at the pub.  One is that drivers entering and leaving the lot and pub can be monitored much more easily.  If the pub is potentially liable for an intoxicated individual, it is much easier to make sure that they have a designated driver if you can actually watch them get into their car right out front with a DD.  These spots also obviously give DD’s a place to park, and convenience is very important for the responsible adult of the party.

Another positive is that the spots provided by the pub will likely have no parking restrictions.  One of the reasons I hear most for drinkers who decide to drive instead of cab is because their car can’t be parked overnight, or they have to go get it at 6 AM.  These kind of rules encourage and force drivers to move their cars before the morning, and leads to more drunk drivers.  However, with the parking being offered by the pub, the pub can then give the driver in question a free pass to leave their car overnight and call them a cab.  There is no convenience lost on the driver, and the pub is doing the right thing.  The RAM in the University Village offers this service, and waves the parking restrictions in the lot if you receive a pass that is placed on your wind shield.  This has helped many people make the right decision, and I hope mandatory spots are here to stay in order to assist future drinkers in making the correct decision.



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