Made in China then in Oregon


In an interesting Daily Journal of Commerce article (2/11) A shipping container conversion company will start a third similar business in another Oregon city leveraging the capable work force, supply chain, and the broader emerging market for container based space.

While not a new idea it is great to see a firm identifying solutions to meet more clearly defined uses for shipping containers. This manufacturer is creating evacuation shelters, base camps, exploration, energy management, & catastrophe management services while leveraging the utility of a shipping by-product.


It would be great to see more of these buildings both in modular and singular form on construction sites and in community center applications (like little league park buildings, park bathrooms etc.), and other forms of public use construction (newsstands, walk/sky ways, or farmers market support infrastructure) At the end of the day it is great to see a company providing product that helps address needs from both and input and output perspective.

Providers of such solutions could be located on a regional basis to take advantage of scale but to also cater to nuances in specific demand. I wonder what uses would be unique to the Northwest… covered bus stops facing away from the roadway?


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