The ReUse People of America

The slogan “reduce, reuse, recycle” is a fairly new one in history, but the concept is definitely not.  I found an interesting organization that truly takes this concept to heart.  It is the “ReUse People of America”.  Many of their services are typical for a construction and distribution business, but one aspect of their business is, to my knowledge, pretty unique to them. 

They have a service that deconstructs your home, instead of demolishing it, if you want to tear down your home.  Instead of the old home going into a landfill and into the solid waste stream, parts of the old house are used by the business to build new homes.  It is an alternative to demolition that is much more sustainable, because doors, lumber, fixtures and more can be sold, donated, or used in the new home’s construction.


An interesting component of this process is that materials salvaged in the deconstruction can be donated and used for affordable housing elsewhere.  This leads to a substantial tax deduction that actually ends up making you money.  Below is a chart describing the savings:


This service is available nationwide.  It is such an interesting concept, and one that should be seriously considered by anyone wanting to demolish their home!


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