When It Goes To Our Hearts


 Everyone in the Pacific Northwest was so proud about one thing the day when Seahawks won the Super Bowl. There was an utmost feeling of unity everywhere. Our hearts were in it together, which was shown in all kinds of ways. Hundreds of thousands of people went to the parade in Seattle on a very cold day. The Seattle Times quoted a fan as saying that he would die a happy person because of Seahawks’ win.

Having observed all the phenomenon, I couldn’t help wondering why a football game could ignite such feelings, which generated so much social energy and monetary power.

Why is not there something similar for a much universal issue impacting everyone and everyone’s future generations be it a general environmental issue or carbon emission?

Could it be that all the data, such as x ton of carbon, try to go to our heads instead of our hearts? But wait, would not the polar bear and melting of ice berg mean to go to our hearts? Is it settled that there is nothing like football games that can bring the mass crowd together on one thing? Or is it not settled? It just takes longer like the civil rights movement or the gay rights movement.

What is your perspective?


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