A Short Talk On The Bus

The bus was full. It had a relaxed atmosphere. It was dark outside, but it was warm and cozy on the bus. Some people were chatting with their friends. Some were looking at their smart phones. Some were doing nothing.

Stand up and sit down real quickly. I did that for a couple of times before deciding to carry out the mission when the bus got on the freeway. Then, the freeway was too noisy. Finally, I had enough of my own procrastination. I stood up once more.

“Excuse me, may I please have a minute?” My voice sounded strange and thin. “It will be quick,” I waved my hand quickly to emphasize my point.  Some people took their eyes off their smart phones or friends and looked at me.

I went on, “Are we all aware that bus services will be cut or reduced if King County Metro does not fill its funding gap?”

A few heads nodded.

 “Do we know that there is a list of specific bus services to be cut or reduced?”

“Yeah” came along with some head nodding.

“Do we know that this bus, 271, is on the list?”

“Yes, between Issaquah and Bellevue Transit Center,” A lady said. She was in the know. I certainly did not have that kind of details. That did not dampen my passion for keeping going, “I call for your action. If you want to keep having reliable bus services, please vote yes on Proposition 1 in April.”

A man nodded his head, “Yes, April 23.”

I said thank you before sitting down. A couple of people thanked me.

People went back to what they were doing. I wondered for a second if someone would take action just because of my short talk.


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