Transportation Silos

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Bicycles + Infrastructure + Landscape

In a world that celebrates ‘systems thinking’ and ‘holistic problem solving’, one might think that the United States would be more advanced in how it facilitates and funds a complex problem like transportation.  While regional transportation organizations do exist, they typically oversee only the mass transit piece of the pie, separate from roads.

Seattle Transit Tunnel, Credit: Jason Rodriguez

What if our regional mobility was conceived, funded and managed as one system?

Perhaps we are witnessing the early stages of this shift locally in the Seattle metropolitan area through the February 2014 creation of the King County Transportation District.  The Washington State legislature created Transportation Benefit Districts (TBD) as a tool to raise funds for a city or region back in 1987.  Seattle created its own TBD in 2010.  It seems that reform may be necessary so that Transportation Benefit Districts are created at the regional scale to afford…

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