Delighted Cities


Creating space and opportunities for delight is one of my professional ambitions. The need to embed our urban fabric with features that inspire delight and elements that present opportunity to spark fun in people of all ages should be the duty of planners, designers, and developers.  Thinking about opportunities for urban delight the scales of the proposed design project and the small scale realized structure were categories that strongly show the potential for integrating delight into our sustainable cities.



The Amagerforbrændingen Energy Plant is a proposal for a waste to energy plant in Copenhagen that functions as an alternative energy generation device but also provides the topographically limited area a vertical surface for downhill skiing. The integrated proposal creates value out of a project that could have simply just met the needs for energy generation. The fusion of functional and technical necessity into an item that provides local access to…

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About jessmichalak

Jess became intrigued by what makes cities so engaging while studying architecture in college. In realizing that cities offer us an amazing opportunity for human interaction she realized what makes her driven to work in urban contexts; the people. Jess is a concurrent master's degree in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Washington.

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