In rare moments of life, we receive precious gifts. They break barriers of our thinking and transform our lives.

One of these moments came to me recently when A-P Hurd read a book about imagination.

An excerpt from this book essentially says that we have gradually lost our ability to imagine because of something or somebody at some times. 

This is so true. Looking back, I could clearly see these things and people. It was an exam that was supposed to make a difference between stepping onto a great career path via entering a good college versus entering a low-paying profession right after high school for life.

It was a degree that was supposed to make me an outstanding engineer as a guardian of public health and safety.  Somewhere along the way, the sense of responsibilities helped me define myself single-dimensionally, an engineer.

It was a title that defined my responsibility areas for me. When people deterred me from venturing out “my areas”, I deferred to their will and regarded that as being considerate.

Along the way, these conventional “wisdom” had guided me onto a mediocre path. I could see how I did not think and stand up for myself. So many other people have been and are still doing the same.  

Do I want to be mediocre for the rest of my life? Do I have the courage to change for the better? Do you?

No to being mediocre and yes to being courageous.

Let us break free from these boxes. Let us unleash the power of imagination that we have buried deep down in ourselves a long time ago. Let us have more fun with our lives. And let us do it gracefully.


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