An Us or Them Mentality Will Not Solve Our Problems


Reading Kevin Baker’s New York Times article on the G.O.P. becoming the anti-urban party got my brain slowly working on something that’s been bothering me about creating sustainable cities. In reading how urban areas have moved away from the value base of the Republican Party, and how the party has moved away from the concerns of cities I realized what is bothering me. To put it simply, sustainability has become a partisan issue. My frustration is that if we, as a culture, want to make positive impacts and leave future generations with a planet with resources we need to move beyond party allegiance and make better choices. The schism over anthropogenic, or human caused, climate change is still debatable to some. To me it’s not.


A view of downtown Erie.

I’m not looking to debate if what is happening in our global ecosystem is or isn’t caused by humans…

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About jessmichalak

Jess became intrigued by what makes cities so engaging while studying architecture in college. In realizing that cities offer us an amazing opportunity for human interaction she realized what makes her driven to work in urban contexts; the people. Jess is a concurrent master's degree in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Washington.

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