SEPA Reform Advocacy Meeting

My final project post: SEPA Reform Advocacy Meeting.

Bicycles + Infrastructure + Landscape

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, D-34 Today I had the opportunity to meet with State  Representative Joe Fitzgibbon  (D-34th Dist, West Seattle/White Center/Burien/Vashon Island). He is the chair of the Environment Committee and is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reforming Washington’s land use laws, expanding transit, and making walking and bicycling safer.

In a previous post I talked about some of the short comings of our State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). After doing some homework, I wanted to follow-though on my observations and make some recommendations to the legislator who is leading the charge on SEPA reform. I was hoping to met with him before the 2014 legislative session ended on March 13th, however there was no pending SEPA legislation and no time in his schedule in early March. I did manage to share with Rep. Fitzgibbon the following letter today, including some of my suggestions to consider for SEPA reform.

We had a great…

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