Concept of Flexible Workstation

As mentioned in the book “carbon efficient city”, there is huge evolution in office system. One of the main concept which changed office system is flexible work station.

Flexible workstation system is a new workplace design concept which based on building access data of employees working pattern. One of the main data to forecast employee pattern is badge data. These days, every employees swipe their badge to access office area. These information collected in security data base. Most of corporate design team analysis each of employee’s working pattern whether how many times specific employee working on a week day or how many times they spent their time for the conference. For example, if the employee spent most of time in office and working prefer alone, they get their own workstation. If not, they provide “bench space” which is undesignated to specific employees. Employees choose their own bench workstation in daily working characters.

There are two advantages in flexible workplace concept; employer oriented workspace design, save corporate finance.

First, flexible workstation system offers employer oriented design. As mentioned before, all the employees suggested their workplace which is well matched with their working patterns. Especially in high technology related companies, employees spend most of their time communicating with different people. Under the flexible workstation design concept, employees can collaborate with others easily, because they can choose where they work.

Second, company can save a lot of money by applying flexible workstation concept. As mentioned before people spend less than 50% of their workday at their desk; the majority of time is spent working with others (either in a meeting, face-to-face or virtually)[1]. Flexible workstation suggests undesignated seats to employees whose working pattern shows less working at their desk, company can save total office space by reducing total workstations. It can be expected that existing offices reduce by 80%-90% of total leasing area.

By these reasons, flexible workstation concept expected to apply more in the future.

[1] The evolving Workplace: How US office space is changing, CBRE, July 2014, page 2

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