SSB 5348 : Allows for joint agreements for contract services under the interlocal Cooperation Act.

I visited the Olympia in wonderful weather. In front of the State House building, there was a lot of people took photos with the cherry blossom as the backdrop.  It seems like national and international trend that planting cherry blossom in front of government buildings. US capital and National assembly building in Seoul also famous for cherry blossom. With delightful feeling, I participated public hearing.

It started in 1:30PM in Room E which located at the end of the alley. This hearing was under State Government Committee and what I wanted to participated was SSB 5348. The brief description is “Allowing public agencies to enter into contracts providing for the joint utilization of architectural or engineering service.” I wanted to choose bill which is related with built environment and their financial problem, so I choose this one. During the public hearing, Lobbyist speak about current situation related with this bill. There he agreed with this bill because of contractor’s interest.
The background of this bill is related with The Inter local Cooperation Act which was established in 1967. It permits two or more public agencies to enter into joint agreement. These “public agency” includes any agency, political subdivisions in the state, however there is no limitation to (quasi-)municipal corporations, federal agency etc. The public agencies can enter into a contract under the ACT providing for architectural or engineering services if they complies with the statutory requirements.

This SSB 5348 bill intensified that these agreement should be executed for a scope of work detailed in the agreement and entered into prior to the procurement process. According to the lobbyist argument, contract who through a bid to award agreement, the bid or solicitation does not noticed, there are conflictions between public agencies. This problem is related not only with the scope of work but also financial problems. In this reason, this bill includes that an agreement need to execute for a scope of work specifically detailed and should be entered into prior to commencement of procurement of such services.

After finish public hearing, I met Marsha Reilly who is the research analyst and staff of this bill. I asked more information about this bill said about my opinion related with SSB 5348. I also agree with this bill. Because without clear allocation of work scope, it must be happened responsibility problem during the construction or after finish the project. Most of the responsibility problems should be related with financial problems. As mentioned before, specifically detailed work scope and commencement of procurement of services should be done before the project starts.

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