Flint City water criss ans sustainability


I was shocked by flint city water crisis. This is because the accident was occurred in developed country and the reaction was also not developed country’s reaction. What is the reason this accident happen? Why the damage spread? I think that the state government’s approach is very old method and this problem is not simple environment problem.

This problem should be managed by not the government failure and solution but social sustainability and environment in terms of system renovation. Through the new approach, the society will prevent recurrence such as flint water crisis.

This is because the sustainability is very important in terms of one of the value which human pursues in history. The flint city water crisis threats the human’s sustainability, because children who are the core of the human’s sustainability are victim in this problem, and children’s growth ensures human’s sustainability.

There are many reasons occurred the flint water crisis, but we should focus on not finding reason and solution but trying to change fundamental system. Specifically, we should approach this problem with perspective of the changing society from cost oriented one to sustainability society. The new normal age has come in terms of sustainability society.

The biggest reason of the flint water crisis released by journal is reduction of the cost of drinking water, but the real reason is that old approach of the environment and society doesn’t work. As I said before, we should approach by sustainability of the environment

In the short run, the government will change the deterioration water pipeline and install water purifier to protect contaminated water from the river. In addition, in the long term, I suggest that housing development method aligned to sustainability of the environment. Specifically, I claim that housing development including condo, apartment, house, and commercial property with self-sewage disposal facilities. The self-sewage disposal facilities include holding rain water and purifying used water in the property. This proposal will face cost problem. However, the government should support this proposal with tax exemption and long-term financing program.

To sum up, I think that protecting the problem such as flint city water crisis, we should change old approach. We should accept new normal age in terms of sustainability society. We should change basic approach about our environment and society

From Seongwoong Kwon


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