How to reduce air pollution in China?

Air pollution in China is become very serious. When there is little wind, people even can’t see the building across the street very well. As a daughter who has parents living in a place has severe air pollution is heartbreaking.

So how can we change it? It should be done in a systematic effort.

First, government and general public should accept the idea “shared value”, which includes healthy environment and other important values into the economic value. Realizing the importance of other values such as healthy environment, clean water, clean air, moral standards and so on are as important as economic growth is the first and important step to take. Also, having some enforcement of this value and willingness to sacrifice short term economic goal for the benefit of healthy environment should be realized.

Second, in public sector, state government should link the measurement of PM 2.5 with the performance assessing with local government. Due to the increasing attention on air pollution issues, there is already a measurement of PM 2.5 exists. Places such as Beijing and Tianjin are the most polluted area. State government should link the “blue sky day” of each year with the performance assessing of local government.

Third, in private sector, government should give companies tax incentives to reduce PM 2.5. Private company is seeking the profit and return, and they are in the competitive environment to compete with other companies. If government can give incentives for those companies which first try new and expensive technology to reduce PM 2.5 emission. It will be better than just regulating private companies.

Above all, to change current situation, we should realize it takes time and systematic effort. The most important and first step should be the strong realization of the harmful effect of air pollution to the society and willingness to change it.full_1358341713BillBishopjan10-14Beijing1


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