Urban Dance Perspective Change


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.52.40 PM.pngI saw the most beautiful thing this week. Watch this video, I promise you’ll be in awe. After you watch, read the below. 

“Dance and art should actually be seen as a utility, not a commodity–like water and power, we all need it. What BANDALOOP does is we take dance out of the somewhat myopic elitist confines that it is traditionally seen and it brings it to the people.” ~Amelia Rudolph (TedX, Dance from Thin Air)

How do we deal with fear of the unknown, especially when that fear comes from experience of frameworks and interfaces that have failed? Fear usually has to do with loss or thinking you’ll get the short end of the stick. It’s very biological and very ingrained in our hearts and minds. The UW World Series had a meeting this week in which very different people including myself came to the same table to discuss how to get student populations on campus involved in performing arts.
Celebrating our society and our communities and our cities, and “changing what public space is” (as Amelia says), needs to include treating our fears of the frameworks and interfaces we have memories of. Making new models awesome and touching the heart can embolden groups to take on the challenges of making cities better. Amelia 1) makes people see differently, 2) engages them in the new perspective to pull ideas and connections out, and 3) leads us to change the framework we’ve traditionally seen from. These are the same three things proposed in The Carbon Efficient City. I believe that we won’t truly have enough courage to make the changes proposed by the Hurd authors until we include art and thus fall in love again. In love we conquer all. Right now I see fear in cities, not love. Dance triggers community, community is held together by love. Let’s help urban dwellers see their urban environment different, so they will then feel a purpose to do all the things proposed in The Carbon Efficient City.


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