How can we extend the reuse market?

How can we extend the reuse market?

With rising concerns about environment, it is time to discuss reuse of products.

As shown in the graph below, recycling markets are growing steadily.


However, reuse markets are still receiving less attention than the recycling market. Even I cannot find any data about reuse markets. But I think that reuse markets are more important than recycling markets for two reasons.

First, recycling removes the value of the product that we use and is different from a Virtuous circle of resources. Recycling grants new value of the products. Through the process of making products from recycled materials, we also make new costs in the form of carbon, and contamination. Is this process good for the environment?  I don’t think so. In contrast, the reuse market connects the reusable product and customer without extra manufacturing costs and contamination of the environment.

Second, reused products are possible to reuse several times. When we compare reusable products to a recycled product, reused products have a significant potential value.

So, how can we increase the growth of the reuse market? Two strategies come to mind.

Hardware perspective:

I think that the government should provide hardware for the market such as warehouses and stores. We need an operating base to gather and sell reused products.

Software perspective:

The reuse market should operate on a separate market system. when we buy a reused product, we should pay with a coupon or point which we use only in the reuse market. Some people who sell their reusable products will buy other reusable products with a point or coupon. This is very important, because this coupon completes the virtuous circle of the reusable product. I also want to integrate the reused markets in many products, such as books, clothes, and cars. Through the combination of the reuse market, we can extend the reused market size and lay autochthonic a vital growth base.

Under the hardware and software system, I think that the reuse market will extend itself if we establish the system that makes cycling resources .a virtuosity. Additionally, this reuse market encourages people who only sold reused products to buy them as well


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