Published Opinion – Hometown Redevelopment

I published an opinion piece in my hometown newspaper, The Springboro Star Press. It’s a print-only publication; a photo is attached below.


In a way, my hometown represents all I want to ‘fix’ in the world: wide, carcentric streets, not enough sidewalks or public spaces, and no diversity of any sort, among other aspects. It’s the stereotypical suburban utopia my parents love, though. I’ve learned even though I’m an obsessive urban dweller, the rest of the world is not necessarily on the same page.

When I heard the original grocery in the heart of town was closing and the entire strip mall it occupied (with a few other businesses) was being demolished, I did some research and hoped they didn’t plan on building another bank or dry cleaner. The Warren County Transportation Department is widening the intersection on the corner of this large parcel to alleviate traffic congestion. The city has hopes to redevelop the demolished parcel when the intersection widening is complete, although there is no design drawn up yet.


The book City Comforts by David Sucher was a staple in my first year of undergrad; Sucher reviews three guidelines for development/design within urban villages and countless other small recommendations to keep in mind. City Comforts seemed like a great way to push (nudge?) Springboro in the right direction, even if only baby steps!

on a side note: my mother was so proud I ‘published’ a letter to the editor, she bought 10 copies.


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