How do we reduce our carbon emission by using simple ways?

How do we reduce our carbon emission by using simple ways?

Every person in the world makes a carbon emission. But our carbon emission considerably depending on our lifestyle. Make my family (me) a little greener with several simple steps and convenient methods to reduce my family’s (my) carbon emission. I think that to reduce carbon emission is a really big thing for the class. However, through the course, I changed my mind. Reducing carbon emission doesn’t need to involve a radical lifestyle. There are many simple ways. I can contribute to improving our environment in simple ways.

First step

I need to measure my carbon emission. For example, how many days do I drive for a month? How many days do I wash cloth for a week? How much do I make food waste for a month? How many light do I use for the day? I will record my consumption of carbon emission.

Second step

I need to establish a particular goal. For example, how much do I reduce food waste? Until when?

Third step

I need to make a particular action reduce carbon emission.

1) Car

I have a plan which is a public transportation tour with my daughter. Usually, I used to car to go anywhere with daughter, so my daughter can see a bus only in a book. My daughter asked me why bus stopped the bus stop. Using public transportation, I will reduce carbon emission and expand my daughter’s cognition.

2) Food

  1. Reduce consumption of the meat and cheese, especially beef
  2. Don’t make food waste.

3) Living

  1. Change light bulb to LED
  2. Drop my thermostat by 1ºC (1.8ºF) in winter, Bundle up (dress in layers)
  3. Take a bicycle (don’t charge transportation fee to student used bicycle)
  4. grow vegetables in one’s backyard

4) Buy less, write household ledger

From Seongwoong Kwon


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