Final Assignment: I-732 Lobby Day

On 23rd February, 2016 – it was my first time to visit the Capital of the Washington State. It was great exciting experience to me. I visited the place to help I-732 which is a law to tax carbon dioxide emissions. I went to the Washington State Capitol Campus too early, so I joined two meeting, one is other district(22nd) and second is my district(46th). This was a good choice to join two meeting because the senate in the first meeting and the representative in the second meeting have totally different view on the I-732. Compared to two meeting, I can have a balance viewpoint of I-732.


I joined first meeting at 11:15 AM. The senate Karen Fraser conducted a meeting. After introducing ourselves, some lobbyist presented why we need I-732 by using Washington State 2050 Carbon emissions Forecasts. Without I-732, we will face a big problem in the future. However, I felt that the senate didn’t agree his opinion. The senate said that other group worried that I-732 affects the economy, so he wants to make an alternative to replace I-732.



I joined another meeting at 12:45 PM. The representative Jessyn conducted a meeting. But, the meeting mood is totally different. The first meeting was very formal, but the second one was very freely. This is because who managed the meeting and he or she agree or disagree the I-732. She totally agrees the goal of I-732, and tries to legislate the law. At the first meeting I didn’t ask, but I wanted to ask her about I-732’s negative impact in the second meeting. Everyone agrees I-732, so I asked different view point “how does I-732 impact the economy?” But, I can’t, because of limit of time. So, after meeting I asked some lobbyist about that. The lobbyist said that I-732 is not just a tax on carbon emissions. I-732 eliminates the Business & Occupation Tax on business owner and reduces the sales tax 1%. Namely, I-732 doesn’t affect the economy, it’s the other way around. It improves new business about climate.


To sum up, this Lobby day was wonderful to me. My undergraduate major is politics, so I have a lot of interest in politics. I had an experience about Korean Politics, but I felt different mood and thought related to politics. In Korea, many people felt that politics is difficult. However, American is very active to join politics. This is very interesting point to me.

From Seongwoong Kwon



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