Modular seasoning container: a possible way to reduce the cost of recycling different size of bottles.

One day, I decided to make some grill ribs as my dinner and I started to prepare for it. Despite the meat which I bought from PCC downstairs, I prepared at least 8 kinds of seasoning.


Different sizes of seasoning

They had different size and shapes of container; diverse labels with different fonts; some of them were even hard to squeeze. It took me such a long time to prepare these seasoning, I began to think about the process of recycling them- it could be even harder and it would bring more energy costs than we thought. What if I designed a set of modular containers that can be reused and easy to storage rather than purchased different size and shapes of seasoning?


Here is the description of my modular container:


  1. This container had regular and modular shape, which makes it easy to storage and transit (For both consumers and merchants).
  2. Considering the special groups of users such as the old and children, the container includes a small “trigger” which allows people to push the seasoning out of the container by one hand. The mechanism of the “trigger” is utilizing the air pressure to press the seasoning.
  3. The container can be reused; consumers just need to purchase the small plastic bag with seasoning and put the bag into the container.
  4. The “head” of the container can be replaced to meet different needs.
  5. Besides, the stores can also offer different sets of seasoning for different dishes. Using grilled ribs as the example, normally we wouldn’t make grilled ribs every day, once we want to make it, do we have to buy all the seasonings that the recipe requires? In this case, if we can provide people a set of seasoning which include 7 different small size plastic bags, people can just buy the set and put them into the modular container. Thus, people can make a delicious meal easier and without buying something that they would just use one time.


Furthermore, when 3D-printer become more and more popular, merchants can also sell the files of the container and people can buy the files and print them in home.


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