Can Seattle ever follow Singapore and Vienna’s public housing success?


Can the USA replicate the creation of affordable housing typical in a socialist government structure?

Maybe not, but surely insights from these cities would help. Singapore and Vienna transformed their affordable housing crisis through government foresight.

US policy provides an avenue of neighborhood level push-back against municipal level provision of affordable housing through NIMBY’ism.


If the Port of Seattle, worked with itself, could it provide affordable housing?


Consider the use of a renovated cruise ship, which provided food, housing, and education for a fresh start all on board.



Port taxation, may be created to pay for port fees, security, delivery of donated food and services.

Cruise ships are ready built, and created to provide unique spaces for individuals or families. In addition, they provide communal eating areas, separate laundry facilities and on board medical clinics.



Property management, janitorial, cleaning and technology jobs, would be created within port/municipal l level to provide job growth within itself, for its own revenue.

The alleviation of public concerns with regards to the landuse regulations pertinent to the  development process of affordable housing, could be averted.


Providing the solution to affordable housing in the USA, one person at a time, falls short of helping the masses in need.  Creative use of municipal level water-space, may well be an avenue for government structures to work with themselves and provide revenue within the same effort. “Yes, we can!”







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