Integrate bus card with other devices: make utilizing public transportation easier!


Improving public transportation system is an effective way to reduce the use of private vehicles as well as a key point for healthy development of urban area. It can also reduce the CO2 in both direct and indirect ways. Despite controlling congestion and providing better service of public transportation, redesigning bus card might be helpful as well. My idea is to integrate bus card into other devices– the idea derived from an experience which might be common:forget bringing the bus card and there is no cash either.  For the people who don’t get used to take public transportation, they maybe face more this awkward situation than others. In some extend, my idea may can help to reduce this situation and make people’s life easier and more convenient; besides, the idea has diverse possibilities which make it easy to implement. Here are some examples:


1.Integrate bus card with sim card.

Actually this is not a new idea. In my hometown- Shenzhen, people can purchase a new sim card which is linked to bus card (we call it Shenzhen-pass) since six years ago. The Shenzhen-pass and sim card share one phone account, so people only need to add money into one account and both functions can be used. This concept doesn’t require high-technology so I think it can adapt to Seattle as well.


2.Integrate bus card with watch (or similar device)

There are diverse types of smart watch today. These smart watches especially Apple watch has similar functions as smart phone. The function- Apply pay inspired me that the same concept may can be used in improving bus card. We can install “Bus card” into smart watch or other smart devices; or can convert the card into an app, so people don’t have to bring the physical card.


  1. Other thoughts

There is another possibility is we can design the card as a tiny device which can attach to something else such as glasses. These ideas may require the increase the difficulty of producing bus card and the cost, however, the change also has the capacity to optimize people’s life and encourage people to use public transportation. Bus card is a simple and useful design which works for such a long time. However, we can think about our bank card, even we used the bank card for longtime, there are lots of people appreciating the convenience which Apple pay (or other similar card-free service) brings them. What’s more, people may concern that if Apple pay would lose our personal information, bus card may be easier to apply since it contains less personal information.


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