Laundry rooms for climate change?


I was wondering why we all don’t just do simple things, which would, en mass, make a large difference to our resource conservation, particularly water. This makes even more sense when there would be no loss of comfort or convenience through these actions.

Household water consumption, is primarily utilized for clothes washing (23%) and toilet flushing (27%). Hence apart from the use of water, the heating thereof for warm water wash, and the drying of clothes, all present great opportunities for a laundry room designed for helping to prevent climate change. storage-clothes-dryer


Harvested rainwater, used cold, will reduce water use, as well as energy use whilst providing the same clean clothes we need without using more clean, warmed water for this purpose.

A well organized, laundry room, utilizing the heating system of the house, for drying damp clothes immediately, in a cupboard that has vented warm air from the heating ducts, presents a second opportunity to dry clothes without the use of a dryer.

Hence, these carefully designed spaces, utilizing the heating system and attached to a storage/hanging space for damp clothes, would dry these at the same time, as the house would be warmed.

No More Messing Around

Organization, and well designed spaces, can bring laundry room design into fashion, and make laundry rooms a focus point for energy conservation within residential homes.


Beautiful, tastefully designed laundry rooms, can definitely help the fight against climate change. These spaces whilst also creating a beautiful environment for dressing up on colder days, can create a leading edge based on design to help save our most valued limited resources, especially water.



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