Can our pavements create energy that can be captured through foot-traffic?

I was waiting for the traffic light to turn green when I found myself noticing how many people were walking on the sidewalk.

I could not help but wonder, how we could utilize pedestrian footsteps’ expended energy and turn it into transferable, usable energy?

Considering urban centers’ drive to creating density, foot-traffic will increase, as our need for energy increases.

I was so intrigued at the idea of harnessing foot traffic energy, that I did a google search focused on this possibility.

Lawrence Kemball has done this!

He developed tiles called “Pavegen floor tiles“, which generate electricity through the power created when human footsteps strike the ground.


As cities develop transit oriented developments, these sites represent ideal locations for the new installation of pavegen floor tiles.

Considering urban centers are moving towards safer, pedestrianized areas, the future capacity for harnessing such energy in already existent urban infrastructure, is innovative.

Additionally, it provides an avenue to utilize the energy we create as part of moving through our daily routines.

Pedestrians and safe areas

As mega-cities develop, urban centers provide critical areas deserving of ingenious methods for creating renewable energy resources.

Sidewalks embody an opportunity for creative harnessing of energy expended during walking, creating renewable energy resources for our critically needed, sustainable, future.



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