Greenlake Farms

In a previous post I wrote about the city of Todmorden and the cities sustainable farming practices, which to me tied in directly with the idea of taking delight in sustainability as we discussed in last week’s class session. In my previous post I had also touched on Seattle’s P-patches and how we could do more to create urban farms/gardens across the city. So last night, I brought up the idea of incorporating a P-patch into Greenlake Park to the Greenlake Community Council, of which I am a member. Another member then proposed the idea of associating with Alleycat-Acres; a Seattle non-profit that turns unused public or private parcels into community farms. Thus far, Alleycat has three gardens, one in Columbia City, another in the Central District, and a third in Leschi. I have since been in contact with Alleycat, and proposed finding a space in the Greenlake neighborhood. Making changes at the grassroots level, and creating spaces which can delight, is something that is very exciting to me. I have already identified several locations that could potentially accommodate a small local garden, and look forward to pursuing this idea. In all honesty, if I had not had to write these blog posts I would have had no idea about any of these projects, and hope that I can somehow contribute to sustainable practices and education regardless of how small that contribution may be.


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