Bill 5553 and My Future Involvement….

What a great opportunity it is for me to get involved with a subject I feel passionately about.  Thank you to AP for the assignment as I have never been politically involved (purposefully) until I found Bill 5553.

Below is a copy of the correspondence I have been having with my State Representative Senator Jamie Pederson.  An upcoming meeting with the Senator will be taking place, and I intend to stay involved with this particular bill and issue until it hopefully, and eventually, passes the House and Senate.  Bill 5553 “Preventing suicide by permitting the voluntary waiver of firearm rights” is sponsored by Senators Pedersen, Fain, Frockt, Takko, Hobbs, Zeiger, Kuderer, Darneille and does the following:

1)      Provides a procedure for the voluntary waiver of firearm rights and the revocation of the voluntary waiver.

2)      Requires entry of a voluntary waiver into the Washington State Patrol electronic database within 24 hours.

3)      Permits revocation of the voluntary waiver after at least seven days.

4)      Prohibits transfer of a firearm to a person who has a voluntary waiver in effect.

corr 1


Corr 2


Corr 3


I hope to help the Senator and our State make history with this Bill, and that rational minds will come together and agree that those who are considering doing harm to themselves should not be able to easily procure a firearm to do so.  I will go so far as to suggest to the Senator that therapists who are treating suicidal patients must offer them this waiver by law.  I look forward to assisting him in his efforts.  I will post a follow up after our meeting.



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