Saving the carbon footprint from the ticket



There is no denying that people nowadays all have a common goal that we need to reduce mobile carbon emission. However, I think if we want to reduce the carbon footprint, we can not only put the effort form the vehicles but also from the tickets which we purchased. To be more specific, based on my personal experience, I was in Rome for the study abroad program last quarter. Due to this opportunity, I also went to visit many countries which I’ve never been before such as French, Spain, Germany And Netherland. Yet, after I came back to Seattle, I found out that there were a lot of tickets in my wallet. These tickets include the metro ticket in Paris, the bus ticket in Italy and the train ticket from French to Netherland…and so on. I suddenly realized that there were so many paper need to be used on these one-time use tickets. Not mention even we booked the ticket online and got the e-ticket, some of the websites still required us to print it out and carry to the train.

The same situation happened couple years ago when I was in Japan as well. I went to Chiba to visit my grandparent during the summer break, and I had to buy the IC card which called the SUICA that only available to take the metro, bus, JR railway in east Japan. However, if I wanted to go to Osaka or Kyoto in the west to visit my friends, I had to buy another IC card called ICOCA in order to take the public transportation there or I had to purchase the paper ticket for every single ride.

According to the two experiences I mentioned above, I wonder why we have to buy so many tickets every time when we got to the new place? Sometimes, it is really annoying to find the right ticket in the wallet or suddenly realized that we forget to bring the IC card which we bought last time when we just arrived the destination and need to buy it again. As a result, I assumed that if we can buy only one public transport card or even just put the deposit in one APP on our smartphone and use it to take the whole public transit system around the world, it will be a really delightful invention and also saving our environment. To elaborate, the idea is a little bit similar to the Husky card, we can use it to take the bus, metro, ferry or even pay in the grocery stores.


Reduce the paper printing and plastic to make the card:

If we don’t need to buy the one-time ticket or IC card every time when we go to the new countries or even a new city within the same countries, it can save a lot of the paper or plastic material to make these tickets.

Reducing the car driving:

The more public transit systems this card or APP can combine with, the less car driving will be needed. For example, people can use this card to transit form the bus to the bike-sharing system to work or travel instead of driving the car and reduce carbon emission. Especially it is really difficult to find the parking place in downtown area.

Reducing the waste:

It’s quite common to see the one-time use tickets been thrown away not only in the station but also on the street in the city. Reducing the printings can also reduce the waste and save our environment.

To sum up, I think Apple wallet is one of the good inventions which are able to store all sorts of the tickets on our phone and saving the paper printing. However, it is still not available in our daily public transit systems. If one day, we can have one card or an APP which enables us to use in all the public transportation around the country or even the world, I assumed, the saving of carbon emission and carbon footprint won’t less than saving from the vehicles.


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